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Assalamualaikum to all readers,

These are the photos of the 2 precious gems in my life :) ... I would like to keep on blogging about the things that I like and enjoy doing it.. I may have started this blog a little late as compared to other bloggers but I hope this will not discourage me and I will do my best to share my interests with everyone out there, particularly all ladies who can understand Bahasa!

I have too many hopes for my future and I don't blog for side income but rather to try establish a platform that I can rely on, in case one day I got totally fed up with my job and decided to stay at home and take care of the kids.. This has been my dream since the day they came into my life and I hope everyone will try to support me in this blogging world so that one day I can get away from the hectic life working in a bank and become a very happy mom who has found the best career in life - working at home :)

Enjoy reading Organized Suri and I hope you will benefit from all the tips that I shared in this blog. Together we keep our home and our life organized...

mY PriNCe..

f a r i s

mY PriNCeSs..

s o f e a

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  1. muaaahhhsss..!pia comel..aish cute